We've discussed the virtues of stop-start technology (aka micro hybrid) before and we've even touched on many of the upcoming models that are slated to receive this fuel-saving technology soon, but we never really expected that the stop-start system would become so widespread in application that even vehicles like BMW's vaunted M3 would be scheduled to receive the micro hybrid setup soon.

Well, if a new study from the Yano Research Institute (YRI) holds true, we can expect to see more than 10 millions cars across the globe equipped with the fuel-saving stop-start technology by 2015. That estimation is quite the bump from the 900,000 or so stop-start vehicles in 2009. Many of the new stop-start vehicles will hail from European automakers as the technology has not exactly caught fire in the U.S. yet. Stop-start technology provides a bump in efficiency and a significant reduction in emissions, yet costs only a fraction of the amount of other fuel-saving technologies, a good way to deal with upcoming stringent emissions regulations across the globe.

[Source: HybridCars]

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