Elon Musk talks divorce on Huffington Post

Elon Musk has felt the acute, and acutely painful, need to correct some of the erroneous statements being written about him and the divorce he is seeking from Justine Musk. Some of those erroneous details have been repeated here, so in all fairness the man should get his time at the mic.

Musk's main points of contention are that he did not "run off with" an actress as was reported in the New York Times, he never said he was broke, that it was neither Tesla nor his profligacy but the unexpected $170,000 per month in legal bills he had to pay his and his wife's divorce attorneys that led to his diminished cash position, among other things.

Based on how Musk ends his confessions it appears that this divorce, and his legal bills, are far from finished. But perhaps we can let the legal system deal with it from here on out. Top tip, Ethan.

[Source: Huffington Post]

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