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Oh, eBay Motors, you never cease to astound us. Where else could we possibly dig up a Chevrolet Astro Van that's been built for drag racing and converted to have a passing resemblance to a Lamborghini Gallardo? Yup, you're looking at the Astroghini. If you're thinking it looks a lot like a product of "Pimp My Ride" and an acid bender, you're not far off. The, um, creation was built for a new show on The Discovery Channel called "Ultimate Car Build Off," and aside from an overdose of Raging Bull influence, the van boasts a turbocharged 4.3-liter V6 with 200,000 miles that's just waiting to go supernova.

If the prospect of a throttle-body fuel-injection V6 under boost isn't enough to make you weary, the fact that the vehicle now wears an automatic wet nitrous system should. We'd give it about three full-throttle passes before chunks start flying.The show managed to lower the Astro's roofline by a full eight inches, and as such, the rear doors don't open, the side windows are plexiglass and there's zero interior. That turbo? Yeah, it sits in the passenger floorboard.

The good news is that the Astroghini wears a laundry list of go fast parts, so if you're looking to snag a deal on a boat load of aftermarket goodies, this may just be your chance. You can check out the auction here.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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