Tesla Roadster London to Land's End road trip – Click above for high-res image gallery

Recently, Vauxhall sent an Ampera – that's the Chevy Volt with a strong British accent – on a 170-mile press release promenade and declared that they were undertaking, and we quote, the "longest single road trip ever for an electric vehicle in the UK." Putting aside the fact that 130 of those miles would be spent consuming E85 and that the Racing Green Endurance team had already completed both a 264 mile double-lap trip around London and a similarly lengthy trip to Paris before the Vauxhall junket, someone else made a real-life road trip even earlier in the month. Of course, they might be forgiven for being unaware of this odyssey since it wasn't trumpeted by a press release. It was merely the culmination of one Tesla fan's desire to spend some quality time with the vehicle he had long admired, the Tesla Roadster. While it didn't make headlines, a lengthy account of this jaunt did make it onto the internetz and so we share it with you.

The short version goes something like this. Super-fan David Peilow somehow talked Tesla into letting him take possession of a Roadster for a few days. Combining work with pleasure, he motored on down to Land's End – the iconic southern-most tip of the main British Isle – and back, meeting friends and family members along the way. Many rides were given and many minds were changed. As well as being on the receiving end of stranger's cameras on the road, David took full advantage of his matte-black-wrapped loaner's photogenic nature himself, finding many opportunities to snap images for his own collection – a selection of which await you in the gallery below. You can read a full accounting of the 772-mile trek here (take that, 170!) and tell us where you would take the Tesla on a road trip in the comments after the break.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club]

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