Hyundai Equus Apple iPad Manual: Full Details

Upon unveiling its most ambitious offering at April's New York Auto Show, Hyundai also made a splash by announcing that its 2011 Equus luxury sedan would come with a multimedia tablet PC in lieu of an owner's manual. Better still, not only would the device replace the weighty glovebox staple and save a few trees, but it would also serve as a digital liason between the owner and his or her dealership, helping to schedule maintenance through its Service Valet program, remind of routine maintenance, schedule vehicle (and loaner) pick-up and delivery, and so on. Speculation was that the unnamed tablet would take the form of the iPad, but up until now, Hyundai hasn't confirmed that it is, in fact, an Apple product.

Not only can Autoblog confirm that the Equus device is an iPad, we've learned what the specific model will be. According to company sources, Hyundai will provide owners with a 16-gig, wifi-enabled (non-3G) iPad with a custom case. As is fitting for a premium automobile, the latter will be a landscape-style high-end leather case that is custom-made for Hyundai, with an embossed logo, suede-like interior and a built-in kickstand.

Most interestingly, the owner's manual program will include all of the usual text and images, but also take advantage of the iPad's display capabilities by showing videos to explain the vehicle's functions.

The Equus-specific programs will arrive pre-installed alongside all other normal iPad software, and future updates will be available through iTunes, just like any other iPad program.

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