TPC Racing to turbocharge Porsche Boxster Spyder

TPC Racing Porsche Boxster Spyder – Click above for high-res image gallery

The Boxster Spyder may be one of the purest Porsches to date, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. However, unlike the majority of tuning firms, TPC Racing is different. They take a holistic approach to the project at hand and in the case of their white-on-black Spyder, they're not just looking to improve the Porsche's performance, they're out to build a supercar.

We've spent time with the company's Cayman S Turbo and there's no doubt they've got the skills to accomplish the task (20+ years of motorsports knowledge helps), but how do you improve on something that's damn-near perfect right out of the box? In this case, the answer (predictably for TPC) comes in the form of forced induction.

Although they've already increased the output of the flat-six to 321 horsepower with a few ECU tweaks, the planned turbo upgrade will boost the power to 470 hp... at the wheels. In a 2,811-pound roadster.

But if you only want the power upgrade, look elsewhere. TPC won't offer the engine work alone, opting instead for a comprehensive upgrade package that includes a round of suspension mods that won't just make the Spyder stick harder, but offer infinite adjustability through Porsche's two-mode shock system. The whole kit-and-caboodle will set you back around $16,000 ($10k for the engine mods and $6k for the suspension), but once it's completed, the $80,000 entry price should be enough to shame some of the world's most high-powered exotics.

Kilometer Magazine will be following the build, so expect more updates to come in the following weeks.

[Source: Kilometer Magazine]

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