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Coda Automotive has produced a new promotional video for its upcoming electric sedan. Exactly when the aforementioned sedan will be coming is not entirely clear at this point. The last we heard it was due later this year, but the company's site doesn't list a delivery date that we could find. If Coda does manage to deliver the car this year, it will likely be coming at about the same time as the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

The video itself focuses on addressing some of the questions and concerns that potential customers might have. For instance, one word that doesn't get mentioned anywhere is China. Coda is partnered with Hafei in China to produce the bulk of car. So called gliders will be shipped from China to California for installation of the electric drivetrain. Known American suppliers like Borg-Warner (transmissions), Delphi (electronics) and UQM (motors) are highlighted... while Hafei is conspicuously absent. Check out the video after the jump to learn a bit more about the Coda sedan, and hopefully we'll have a chance to try it out for ourselves soon.

[Source: Coda Automotive via Green Car Reports]

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