When NUMMI closed its doors, 4,700 employees were left stranded without a job. Then, Toyota and Tesla stunned the auto industry with the announced partnership that would bring vehicle assembly back to NUMMI, this time for an electric vehicle project that will benefit both companies. So the natural question, one that's been asked several times already is: what's to become of those former NUMMI employees?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk began answering the question during a California public radio program called "Which Way L.A.?" As Musk told listeners, "It is always easier to hire from the neighborhood" and that "hiring former HUMMI workers is a priority for us." While Tesla only anticipates the need for about 1,000 workers at the NUMMI plant in the next few years, it's feasible that up to 5,000 could be employed there in the future. That number can give hope to many of the ex-NUMMI workers, but it doesn't answer lingering concerns from the UAW regarding the union status of the facility.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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