Seems like every time we turn around, the Department of Energy is making another announcement about our nation's energy future (if you believe that most cars will eventually be electric, these announcements are about our automotive future as well). Just a few days ago, we told you about the DOE's promising investment of $62 million into concentrating solar technology. Good news. Then we told you about the DOE's request for commentary on squeezing the last precious drops of fossil fuels from the Earth's crust. Not so good news.

Well, the scale is tipping back towards good news, at least for now. The DOE has announced $20 million in funding to boost research, development and demonstration of innovative geothermal technologies in the U.S.. These include low-temperature geothermal fluids (up to 300° F), geothermal fluids recovered from oil and gas wells and highly pressurized geothermal fluids.

Think you've got an idea for an innovative geothermal technology and you want a piece of the DOE's pie? The full announcement and list of funding opportunities can be viewed here.

[Source: Green Car Congress | Image: sigholm – C.C. 2.0]

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