's head wrench, the inimitable Mike Bumbeck, has posted a great photo feature on what might be motorsports' best new addition – Auto Soccer. Imagine taking everything you love about demolition derby and throwing in heaping handfuls of soccer, including a repurposed propane tank that now serves as a 400-pound ball. Needless to say, hilarity and carnage ensues.

As it happens, Auto Soccer recently descended upon Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, and Bumbeck was there to catch all the action. As you might have guessed, Auto Soccer is rife with collisions as player-drivers try to get the ball across the field and into the proper goal. Of course, in addition to the frequent contact between cars, that hefty ball does its fair share of damage to the participating vehicles itself. Head immediately to Clunckbucket for Mike's man-on-the-scene reporting and images of the aftermath. Looks like a quality Friday night to us.

[Source: | Photo: Mike Bumbeck]

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