From time to time, we've been known to ponder some stuff that non-greenies would have no interest in, but that's what happens when a passion for all things green takes over. For example, we've always thought that a great Google Earth app would be one that shows automotive plants across the globe, but why stop there. Throw in things like locations of wind farms, solar parks and a hyrdo-plants and we would start to drool. Well, General Motors either shares a similar vision or company officials are reading our minds because our calls have been answered with the new GM Education Google Earth Project.
This project takes the power of Google Earth and transforms it into an educational tool that focuses on production of energy across the globe. Who knew that a Highland Park, MI dealership heats the facility with a geothermal system or that the world's largest wind farm – which generates 735.5 megawatts of electricity each year – is located in Texas. And that's just the beginning. You could spend hours with this app learning about automotive facilities and power generation sites.

If this interests you as much as it does us, head on over to the GM Education site and get the app. Then set out on a journey across the globe in search of answers to questions like: How much of the world's deserts would have to be covered with solar cells to provide enough electricity for everyone? Where is the world's largest oil refinery located? Click the link below to begin your journey for the answers.

[Source: General Motors]

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