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We've all pulled off stupid stunts that lead to severe punishment from our parents, but we've never gone this far. The Dutch Daily News reports that a 20 year-old driver has been caught by police going 100 miles per hour. That's hardly news, except the lead-footed youth was driving his parent's Bugatti Veyron at 50 mph over the speed limit and the Dutch police confiscated the vehicle and the driver's license. There is no word whether the family will ever get the Veyron back.

We're thinking this young man is likely to receive more than five minutes in time out for his 1.8 million euro "mistake," but then again, it isn't every parent that lets their 20 year-old son drive the family Veyron (assuming he had permission in the first place). It's also important to note that it really doesn't pay to drive too fast in northern Europe outside of select derestricted portions of the Autobahn. Here in the States, reckless driving can carry the same weight as a drunk driving arrest, but chances are your vehicle won't be confiscated.

[Source: Dutch Daily News]

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