Whenever Gordon Murray is attached to a project, the hope is that some of the brilliance underscored Brabham racing cars and the McLaren F1 will rub off on his latest effort. A peek at the seating arrangement in the T25 city car does start us reminiscing about the 1990s supercar that many still regard as the pinnacle of the art. The driver sits front-and-center, with passenger seats set back on either side, just as they did with Murray's seminal supercar.
UK publication Autocar has snagged a photo of the T25 as it headed out on double-secret road tests in England. The image shows the car looking like a contraption assembled around living room furniture, like all microcars tend to do. There's but one door, which swings up and away, and a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine is mounted out back.

The difference between the T25 and competitors like the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ is that Murray's influence promises a vehicle that will be pleasing for enthusiasts to drive, regardless of the footprint. We'll see for ourselves once the iStream manufacturing process – said to drastically reduce the costs, space, and energy requirements of typical auto manufacturing efforts – swings into action and T25s start to become available.

[Source: Autocar]

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