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Up and coming IRL IndyCar Series driver Simona De Silvestro is young, talented and among the few women in racing. Those three attributes can make a driver very attractive to both sponsors and the media at large, but a fourth attribute may make her a better driver.

De Silvestro apparently has an excellent memory, and she isn't afraid to show it. The new IRL driver showed off her knowledge of the Barber Motorsports track in Alabama by giving the world of YouTube a virtual tour of the track. De Silvestro used a marker to trace a black on white image of the track while explaining what happens on each turn and straight. Any driver worth his or her salt could do that, right? Perhaps, but De Silvestro accomplished this feat while wearing a blindfold. And to make sure her blind tracing skills were more than just a fluke, the Swiss racer mapped the course twice. Hit the jump to watch the impressive feat for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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