Automakers are constantly questioned about their choices. From green-lighting production of an awful vehicle to offering gadgets and gizmos that consumers don't want, it seems automakers regularly make some less-than-ideal decisions. Sometimes, though, it's what automakers don't offer that creates a stir, the diesel engine being a prime example. U.S. buyers have been left out in the cold while Europeans enjoy their wonderfully efficient, diesel-powered vehicles.

Unfortunately, only a few automakers have committed to diesel cars in the states and even fewer are considering small diesel vehicles such as the Fiesta pictured above. When prodded about the possibility of diesel-powered Ford cars for the U.S., Ford's communication manager Octavio Navarro told AllSmallCars during the Denver Auto Show, that Ford will build diesel cars when we tell them to. If only it was that simple. Basically, Ford will bring compact diesel cars to the U.S. if its own research determines that a big enough chunk of the American public wants such a car.

So how do we convince Ford that Americans are ready for diesel cars? Call them, demand diesel, make your voice heard. If there's enough of us, they have to listen, right?

UPDATE: Apparently Ford is already hearing your calls and responded by adding a new link to the Ford Story website. The link called "Your Ideas" allows you to submit thoughts directly to the company. Check it out and let them know exactly what you want!

[Source: AllSmallCars]

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