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Thank God for crazy people. They're the ones who give us the best YouTube videos. To wit, after the jump, you'll see a couple of Icelandic snowmobilers with a lot of confidence and an unhealthy lack of fear showing off their winter-edition "Jackass" skills.

The pair ride their sleds into a local reservoir featuring some incredibly steep concrete walls for a bit of "fun." The video starts out slowly enough, until the first guy drives his snowmobile up the side of a 30-foot cliff. Impressive, if not foolhardy stuff. The next guy decides to top his pal with a move that would leave Einstein and Newton scratching their heads. We aren't sure if we want to send him to a psych ward or present him with a Liberty Bell-sized set of Truck Nutz. Hit the jump only if you're fully prepared to be stupefied.

[Source: YouTube]

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