One of the highest-rated shows on National Public Radio is This American Life, which does deep-dives into weekly themes, exploring subject matter from different angles while always leaving the listener enriched. This past Sunday, the show spent an hour going over the Toyota/General Motors joint venture in California, the NUMMI facility that will be shutting down this week.

On the eve of its closure, TAL takes a look back at what brought about the joint venture in the first place. Things were bad at the former Fremont GM plant, so bad that the company closed the factory. Shortly after the closure, GM and Toyota decided to learn from each other and implemented the Toyota production system in a U.S. plant for the first time.

Ira Glass and Frank Langfitt turn the lens of radio upon the outcome of that move, and what it meant for the workers and industry at large. Head on over to This American Life to download the show. That is, if TAL's not already on your required listening list. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

[Source: This American Life | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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