Vespa versus the tablecloth – Click above to watch the video after the break

A few weeks back, the internet was all abuzz as a video from BMW showing its new S 1000 RR superbike ripping the tablecloth off a fully set table went viral. Did you happen to miss that one? Click here to get up to date. Watched it? Good, pretty cool, right?

But... do you really need 193 horsepower from a 1000cc inline-four engine to successfully pull off the age-old trick, or is that just excessive? At least one enterprising individual – who just so happens to own a classic two-stroke Vespa scooter that displaces just 50cc and makes, oh... we'd guess about five horsepower or so – decided to find out for himself.

Did it work? We're not going to ruin the suspense. You'll just have to click on past the break to find out.

[Source: YouTube]

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