2010 Polaris Ranger Electric ATV – Click above for high-res image gallery
The 2010 Polaris Ranger EV electric side-by-side changes the game for the outdoorsmen who is looking for adventure by delivering him to his destination in silence. The Ranger operates at a whisper, allowing stealthy hunters to take their catch by surprise, plus it travels through the brush and backcountry without harming the environment. Much.

The Ranger may not be the only electric All Terrain Vehicle available, but its impressive range, top speed, and power make it a standout product that can match its gasoline counterparts on the trail. Getting down to the numbers, the Ranger boasts a 25 mile per hour top speed and a range of 50 miles courtesy of its 30-horsepower, 48-volt electric motor. The charging system supports standard household current making it easy to charge at campsites, far away cabins and just about anywhere else your ventures may take you and there's a generator or grid connection. There is one caveat, this ATV does not come cheap. At $10,699 it is one of the most expensive in its class indicating that silence and zero emissions does not come cheap.

What's truly impressive is the Ranger's ability to travel across all types of terrain without negatively impacting the environment. Its ability to traverse shallow creeks and climb steep grades without polluting some of the beautiful, unmolested areas of this country makes the Ranger a true representative of pro-back-county campaigns like "Tread Lightly" and "Leave No Trace."

[Source: Polaris Industries]

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