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When the wraps came off the Westfield iRACER at the Geneva Motor Show, the bright lights found the EV Cup contender wearing the tightest of spandex without the faintest hint of a blush creeping across its anthropomorphic cheeks. Unlike certain human fashion-criminals, it had no reason to feel abashed as the polyurethane-polyurea copolymer stretched across its angular aluminum frame serves as a strong yet lightweight covering for the lean body of the purpose-built machine. Indeed, onlookers likely had more on their minds as they took in the covered wheels and dual downforce-inducing wings on the design. According to Westfield's managing director Julian Turner, "The look is bold, and is 99 percent representative of the final production vehicle."

Created in conjunction with project partners Potenza Technology, Delta Motorsport, RDM Automotive and Coventry University, the iRACER has a 40 kilowatt YASA motor directly turning each rear wheel, which together are said to be good for 200 horsepower at peak output and provide 737 pound feet of torque (1000 Newton meters). Race range is thought to be 50 to 60 miles. As well as a bit of wind tunnel tuning, the team plans to develop independent power delivery to the wheels in an effort to improve performance on the track. Perhaps more controversially, they also intend to devise a new noise generation system that might "give the iRACER aural drama to match both its looks and performance."

[Source: Westfield]

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