World Rally Championship promoter North One Sport is working with gaming and GPS companies on a study involving real-time tracking data obtained from WRC stars during actual events. The study exams whether the data can be implemented into a WRC video game that will enable gamers to utilize their virtual racing skills against the real deal. The companies are collecting the tracking data with the goal of creating a very realistic, very accurate gaming experience for the rabid racing gamers among us.

We're thinking the ability to go one on one against the best of the WRC would be a decidedly good thing, and North One Sport CEO Simon Long plans to take the concept even further. "If this test is successful then we hope in the future to crown our first virtual rally champion." If the folks at North One Sport and its gaming and GPS partners can execute on the realistic racing gamers crave, this sounds like something that could be very, very cool.

[Source: WRC | Image: Roni Rekomaa/AFP/Getty Images]

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