The U.S. biofuels industry has been plugging along these last few years, even as plug-in vehicles have gotten more attention as they get closer and closer to production. While biofuels haven't been front and center, biodiesel is poised to make a big comeback, says Don Reynolds, who calls an "astonishingly accurate" forecaster.
Speaking at the 2010 Biodiesel Conference & Expo this week, Reynolds said this year will be a time of "recovery and renewed momentum" for the biodiesel industry. There are a few factors that play into his prediction. First, the economy – still battered and in trouble – is getting better and will keep moving upwards. Second, biodiesel is a winning fuel because it is "important to our national security. Biodiesel is critical to cutting into our trade deficit by lowering our dependence on foreign oil." Of course, Reynolds could have said the same thing about ethanol, if he were speaking at an ethanol conference.

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