As we get ready for the Chicago Auto Show next week, a note about what is apparently the first wind-powered electric vehicle charger in the continental U.S. caught our eye. The charger, installed by the Midwest distributor of Coulomb Technologies charging stations, Carbon Day Automotive, is located in Highland Park – not far from Chicago – and uses electricity generated from wind farms used by Highland Park-based law firm Emalfarb Swan & Bain. Should Dale Vince ever bring his EV to the Windy City, he'll have a place to charge up.
Carbon Day Automotive also has a Solar Charge-Port that blends solar panes with battery storage to offer clean energy at any time. Even more interesting, the Charge-Port:
can act as storm water detention as it ties into the storm sewer and can be recycled through the Grey water filtration systems through the center of our "roof" for irrigation or other hydro purposes.
So there's that.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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