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The fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro has been on the road for less than a year in production form, but, according to Motor Trend, General Motors is already considering a followup act. The current model is based on GM's Zeta rear-wheel drive platform that was developed by Holden in Australia. While the Zeta cars, the Camaro and the late Pontiac G8, have generally been praised for their dynamics, they are not perfect. The platform is heavy and many of the originally anticipated additional applications have not materialized, raising the per vehicle cost in the process.

Last summer in the wake of bankruptcy, GM showed off many of its upcoming vehicles to members of the media, including a new smaller Cadillac dubbed ATS. The ATS rides on a new rear-wheel drive platform that has been referred to as Alpha. GM didn't disclose exactly what they were calling the ATS platform, but they did tell us that it would be shared with the next-generation CTS which will likely grow a bit to better compete with the BMW 5 Series. Given the economics of building cars and the volumes expected for both the Cadillacs and the Camaro, it makes sense that the Camaro would move over to the Alpha architecture. One of the goals for all three models will be reduced mass, necessary to meet new fuel economy standards and improve performance.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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