At the very least, our friends to the north will soon have another Acura TL trim level to choose from. Reader Steve F. dropped us a line to let us know he received this mailing from Acura, which included an announcement a new TL A-Spec model. What is it? Sadly, it isn't as exciting as it might sound. Start with a loaded Acura TL SH all-wheel drive with the tech package, and add 19-inch wheels, summer rubber, an aero kit, and A-Spec badges, and friends, you have the TL A-Spec. In short: it's an appearance package. Canadians, it's coming this spring to your neck of the woods. Will we see it Stateside as well? Don't know, and we won't lose sleep wondering about it, either. Thanks for the tip, Steve!

[Source: Acura Canada]

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