Derbi GPR-EV – Click above to enlarge

A little over a month ago, a video surfaced showing an electric motorcycle that was obviously created from a production Derbi motorcycle. At the time, we couldn't say for sure whether this was a factory effort or something made by either a fan or employee for fun. According to the boys at PlugBike, Derbi is indeed behind the bike.

According to Derbi Product Manager Carles Carerra, the GPR-EV uses electronic bits sourced from Vema-Vogt-Perm-Sevcon-DPS, a conglomeration of companies that are apparently working on an integrated electric drivetrain solution. The Derbi EV also features two gears, which should help eke out a bit more speed and range, depending on conditions.

Interestingly, Carerra called out some of the other electric motorcycle designs currently on the market, including the Brammo Enertia. Brammo Lead Designer Brian Wismann responded with a lengthy rebuttal, which you can see here.

[Source: PlugBike, Electric Fun Motion]

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