In spite of a split with the almighty International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) that will see that long-established organization starting up an electric racing series of its own, the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) has been going gangbusters, setting up tetrads of races in a trio of territories (North America, the UK and Italy), a return to the Isle of Man and a grand season finale in Albacete, Spain. Not to mention an electric auto race in Levallois, Paris. Our brimstone-laced suspicions that head honcho Azhar Hussain had made some sort of deal with the devil to achieve all this in such a short time period have only been deepened by the latest team reveal. 666 Road Racing Limited have announced they are throwing their horned helmets into the burning ring-of-tire.

Triple Six is well known in the bike racing world as a supplier of high-quality carbon components who have helped their customers regularly grace podiums the world round. Now, they figure it's their turn for some race-winning glory. With company co-founder Nick Potts in the saddle of a Mavizen TTX02 eSuperbike, the team will offer up some stiff competition starting with the inaugural TTXGP UK Championship at Cadwell Park in early July. Why would they choose the TTX02 instead of building their own machine from the ground up? For starters, the drive train has already proven itself capable of checkered flags at last year's Isle of Man contest and, having designed and supplied the carbon fibre containment system which holds the batteries and electronics in the Mavizens, they are already intimately familiar with the British bike. Now, for a little reminder of that race, hit the jump for very special on-bike footage, as eventual winner Ron Barbour guides us through the first few minutes of the storied track taking advantage of the electric's lack of noise to explain every nuance of his historic ride. Oh yeah, the Team TTXGP 666 press release is also there for you to peruse and to help slow your pulse.

[Source: TTXGP / 666 Road Racing Ltd]


New British team goes exclusive with TTXGP and join the first zero carbon UK Championship.
13th January 2010

666 Road Racing Limited, founded by two racers and now one of the UK's most accomplished carbon component suppliers to the motorsport industry have launched their bid to win the world's first zero carbon championship, the TTXGP 2010.

Joining the TTXGP UK Championship 2010, Team TTXGP 666 is out to convert their success as engineers to the race track.

Co-Founder Nick Potts said, "There are not many podiums we haven't been on this year as suppliers and that has been consistent over the last few years. We produce components for all the biggest teams that run in Europe – no surprise when we turn out the lightest, strongest and sexiest race fairings, components and accessories on the planet!"

Co- Founder Jonathan Shepherd added, "We want to be part of this historic event. We are out to win and make a mark not just in our industry but also in racing. We are totally committed to making this thrilling and exciting championship."

Based in Cheshire, Nick Potts and Jonathan Shepherd founded 666 Road Racing Ltd several years ago and boast among their client list the likes of the Factory Yamaha outfit, Hydrex Honda, Relentless Suzuki, Raceways Yamaha and Parkalgar Honda to name just a few.

The rider is the Co-owner of 666 Road Racing and a former racer in the Motorcycle Endurance Championships, Nick Potts, has a passion for anything two wheels and loves the racing scene. He has a couple of titanium parts holding his body together as proof of his commitment! He leads a team of 5 engineers along with the co-owner Jonathan Shepherd.

Team TTXGP 666 has chosen to race on all new Mavizen TTX02 eSuperbike. The first UK team to go public with the British built zero carbon electric superbike.

Nick said "Mavizen has joined a world class chassis from the RC8 with a championship winning drive train from the TTXGP winning team in 2009. Its proven, its real and it's here. Delivery on the day is what motorsports is all about, and the TTX02 is it for us."

666 Road Racing are particularly familiar with the TTX02 as they have been building the carbon fibre containment system for all the Mavizen bikes.

Team TTXGP 666 starts at the grid on July 3rd and 4th at Cadwell Park at the inaugural TTXGP UK Championship 2010.

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