Suzuki Alto Fish – Click above for high-res image

If someone were to ask you to to paint up a car so that it looks "green," how would you proceed? Thoughts of plant life, crystal clear water and beautiful blue skies pop instantly to mind, but someone at Suzuki apparently thought differently. As you can see (sort of...) from the image above, this particular Suzuki Alto has been wrapped in a vinyl that's supposed to look like fish scales.

Ask yourself: What fish-painted car would be complete without a dorsal fin? None. Therefore, the Alto gets a fin-shaped roof-mounted appendage too. If you're going to the trouble of making a car look like a fish, why not go all the way, right? Apparently, this machine will be on display during International Green Week in Berlin, which is reportedly the world's largest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. It runs from January 15th to the 24th. Remind us again, what's that they say about truth being stranger than fiction?

[Source: Carscoop]

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