Piccolo Grande: Stretch-limo Vespa?

A stretch-limo Vespa may still garner a fist to the face, but this attention-grabbing idea is better than the last flash of brilliance Vespa South Africa Managing Director Andy Reid put into action. That plan involved fake parking tickets being placed guerrilla-style on large vehicles to drive the point about Vespa's fuel efficient image.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em seems to be the latest modus operandi. Aimed square at the blingy-glam heart of the public at large, a custom Vespa "stretch limo" has been whipped up to generate publicity. Vespa calls it a family car on two wheels and intimates that children will dig going to school on it. Maybe the going part. Other glitterati-friendly uses abound: be the designated driver and still park outside the front door (didn't know that was a problem?), make friends and drag them home, all in one swift, conjoined-twin-motorscooter motion. The reality is more likely that this thing is a dog to ride. It's akin to surfing a pipeline while standing at the very front of your longboard on your tiptoes. Now that would certainly get your attention, now wouldn't it? Exactly. Hat tip to Robin!

[Source: Motoring.co.za via Neatorama]

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