Digimods Subaru Impreza - Click above to enlarge

In the real world of asphalt and hydrocarbons (yes, that's possibly redundant), the Subaru WRX STI is a common target for zealous mods. While much tuning can go on under the stock skin, which isn't exactly subtle on a Rex, it's de rigeur to go at the exterior with pieces of thermoplastic and visions of reshaping dancing in your head.

If you're not deft enough to translate inspiration to metal, or you don't have a WRX, or you just want to avoid getting gunk under your fingernails and cutting your hands all up while trimming out big pieces of sheetmetal, you can do it with bits and bytes instead. Of course, a digital mockup is a good way to test out ideas before taking the nipper to the roof, too.

Pete from Digimods has decided that the WRX could really use a rear-mounted engine, plenty more scoops, and a giant roof duct to supply air to the engine, and drown it if it gets taken out in the rainy season. It's a very nicely done rendering. Some will love, some will hate, all will likely have something to say. Have at it, kids!

[Source: Digimods via CarScoop]

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