Might Santa's traditional Rudolf the Reindeer-led sleigh be sent off into the oblivion of obsolescence? Could be, if General Electric has anything to say about it. The huge corporation has designed a new conveyance for the red-cloaked and bearded gift giver, and it's green. Well, it's red, naturally, but it's also green.

First of all, Santa's Sleigh features self-powered OLED lighting so that there's no chance of him missing your chimney. Moreover, the sleigh is assembled from lightweight composites, including a set of Ceramic Matrix blades and a body molded from carbon fiber.

The big news, though, is the addition of Sodium Batteries. Though GE claims the power packs are only intended to offer Santa's Reindeer much-needed breaks from pulling the sleigh, we see through the ruse. Reindeer of the world unite! Don't let yourselves be shuffled away into obscurity like this without a fight. You deserve better.

[Source: GE]

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