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After a few years experimenting with 800cc engines in MotoGP, the Grand Prix Commission has just announced a switch back to 1000cc powerplants with the added caveat that they must have bore centers of 81 millimeters. These new regulations are set to go into effect for the 2012 racing season, and at least one small player is happy about the change. On the official MotoCzyst blog, Michael Czysz wrote:
The 2012 season is a great opportunity! MotoCzysz now has the base motorcycle, enough time and rules actually leaning a little in our favor – we could not ask for a better opportunity. Let's hope others feel the way I do. There is heavy lifting to be done but great things can be accomplished with many hands and the assistance of a few true believers.
It would seem that Czysz would have a leg up on the competition in getting a MotoGP platform ready for 2012 since the company's four-cylinder C1 was initially designed to compete in the 1000cc class.

This news makes us wonder if MotoCzysz will continue developing its electric E1 platform or if it will focus all of its efforts on getting a bike on the MotoGP grid for 2012. For what it's worth, Czysz has been mum on whether or not the company would contest either the TTXGP or the FIM's competing electric motorcycle class in 2010 after failing to finish in the inaugural running of the TTXGP at the Isle of Man in '09.

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