We took notice that a large portion (60!) of the electric cars in Copenhagen for the ongoing U.N. climate conference were of the Citroen C1 ev'ie variety and had a tiny panic attack. A certain test drive of this electric vehicle last summer had not proceeded, to put it mildly, especially well and had left questions about its durability up in the air. Had the Electric Car Corporation (ECC) smoothed out the technical wrinkles that had shown their conversion to be wanting and had left its tester walking? Our fears were somewhat soothed upon finding that Martin Schwoerer from sometimes gleefully contrarian controversial The Truth About Cars had given it a recent review and, to our surprise, liked it. Mostly.

Already familiar with the gas-powered version, Schwoerer notes that the conversion is quite well done with a professional finish and engineered, unlike others, to retain use of the back seat as well as the trunk. The driving experience offered up by ev'ie seemed similar to the original with a more relaxing noise-less atmosphere and perhaps even a more solid feel. Clearly no Tesla, the acceleration was adequate, though fast hills had it "wheezing" a bit and its 60 mph top speed clearly marked the little electric as a city car. Summed up, the writer thought the ev'ie was a reasonable piece of work for the chaps in Hertfordshire to have put together and that it "throws mud in the face of most of the major car makers." If you're in Copenhagen, bored with limos, and want to try an ev'ie for yourself, they are available from the rental company Sixt.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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