About a month ago we first heard about the Electric Car Company in the UK starting sales of its Ev'ie. The Ev'ie is a Citroen C1 converted to full battery electric drive. ECC actually has a deal with Citroen UK to buy cars direct from the factory for conversion and does all the work at its London shop
Following in the path of other converters, ECC is apparently learning that building and debugging such a vehicle is far more complicated than it might first appear. British EV enthusiast and blogger Nikki decided to make the trip from her Bristol home to London to try out the Ev'ie.

Nikki chronicled her unfortunately unhappy experience attemping to drive the electric mini-car. While the C1-based Ev'ie is a larger, roomier and much better trimmed out machine than quadricycles like G-Wiz, the electric powertrain did not live up to its billing. Excruciatingly slow acceleration was followed by premature halt to the festivities when the car would simply not go any further after a mere 7 miles. It's still not known exactly what the issue was since the car gave no indication of what the problem might be. The ECC representative suspects overheating, but claimed that this had never occurred before. Hopefully they will get it sorted out before actually delivering cars to customers.

[Source: A Minor Journey]

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