Helicopter chases two Lamborghini Gallardos - click above to watch the video

While not quite as in your groin face as Samuel L. Jackson's Snakes on a Plane, the following video is as honest in its title to content ratio. Yes, a camera crew in a helicopter follows two Lamborghini Gallardos (one hardtop and one Spyder) up and down Pacific Coast Highway and through some of the Southland's best canyon roads. Nearly perfect, right?

Well, there's an issue or two. First is the thumping, blasting "butt-rock" soundtrack. Second, that soundtrack is annoying and obscures the glorious fury of the Gallardo's 5.2-liter V10 -- a motor that can make a four-year-old to burst into tears when cranked from a cold start (true story -- we saw it happen in person). Truly, a beast of an engine.

Had it been our video then, we would've killed the royalty-free-Nickelback soundtrack and instead stuck mics on the Lambos as if they were pincushions. Then we'd have tailed the two blue bulls to Kanan Dume Road. Why Kanan? Tunnels -- three of them. Not to get all David E. Davis on you, but you really haven't lived until you've heard Lambo's V10 at 8,250 rpm in a confined space. Glorious. With that said, make the jump to watch the video.

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