Nissan announces 2010 facelift for the Qashqai, includes low-CO2 version

Nissan has decided to update the successful European-model Qashqai for the next model year. We've come to expect aesthetic changes in these yearly revamps, like the LED daytime lights. The bigger news is the announcement of a Pure Drive version of the Qashqai, which refers to the Nissans' green label. The Pure Drive model uses the 106 hp version of the Renault-sourced 1.5 dCi diesel engine and also has the usual eco-tweaks like low-rolling resistance tires, improved aerodynamics and longer gear ratios. All these changes help the new Qashqai produce just 129 g/km of CO2, whereas the standard version produces 137. Prices are rumored to start at about €20,000, fairly reasonable for one of the best sellers in Europe.

[Source: Autoblog en español]

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