Cambodia is known for a few things – such as the amazing ancient ruins in Angkor Wat and an over-abundance of scooters and three-wheeled Tuk Tuks – but a real-life automobile industry is most definitely not one of them. Not yet, at least. While current transportation choices are mostly imported from Vietnam and Thailand, there's apparently a growing desire in Cambodia for a homegrown automobile.

In fact, a number of individual Cambodians have taken it upon themselves to jump start the nascent auto industry by creating their very own DIY cars... even ones that supposedly respond to telepathic commands. According to Nhean Phaloek, a 51-year-old Cambodian who just built his Angkor 333-2010 (at right), "I just snap my fingers and the car's door will open. Or I just think of opening the car's door, and the door opens immediately."

While we're not quite ready to buy the thought-control bit, building your very own two-seat convertible for $5,000 that can hit speeds of about 62 miles per hour is itself an accomplishment to be proud of. Thanks for the tip, Adrián!

[Source: AFP via Yahoo]

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