Nicolas Cage is suing his former manager Samuel Levin for $20 million for gross negligence of his finances and for lining his own pockets at the actor's expense. Cage is moving to sue the former manager due to the actor's sudden cash crunch, which includes a boat load of debt and over $7 million in back taxes. But Levin has a story of his own to tell, and it involves excess on a scale that we can hardly imagine. According to Levin, the actor purchased a scad of really expensive stuff. Like a $7.5 million island in the Bahamas, 15 mansions, four yachts, a Gulfstream, 47 pieces of art and even nine Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Now we can understand owning nine exotics, or even collecting hundreds of rare cars and storing them at the Burbank airport, but nine Phantoms? At least Reilly purchased a Ferrari with his National Treasure money. We're guessing Cage likes to have a Phantom just about everywhere he is, and since he owns an island and a bunch of mansions he probably has one parked in nine different garages. Regardless, we're having a hard time feeling too sorry for Cage, even if Levin is exaggerating. The actor makes about $20 million a film, so while all that excess sounds like a ton of money, we're guessing the actor can pay his tab with a couple more movie deals. Gone in 60 seconds part two, anyone?

[Source: The Sun]

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