Romeo Ferraris 500 Abarth endurance racer – Click above to view in high resolution

Think you've seen the most hardcore 500 already? Sure, Abarth has churned out some pretty wicked versions of the retro-hatch, but even the 695 Tributo Ferrari and R3T rally machine can't hold a candle to the beast above.

Given the name, you might think this latest Cinquecento was the result of another collaboration between Abarth and its big sister companies. But this 500 is actually a product of independent racing garage Romeo Ferraris, which has rebodied the 500 in carbon fiber and fitted it with a wing that looks big enough to sustain a jumbo jet's flight path. If that's not bonkers enough, Ferraris has squeezed out an insane output of 360 horsepower from the Abarth's 1.4-liter turbo four. That's more than 257 horsepower per liter, and rivals even the similarly insane 427 Cinquecento from SEMA for pure lunacy.

Drivers Aldo Cerruti, Michela Cerruti and Mario Ferraris will be taking turns behind the wheel at the upcoming 6 Hours of Vallelunga endurance race on November 22. We'd suggest everyone else get the hell out of the way.

[Source: CarScoop]

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