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What does it take to make a video game these days? A lot of time and effort, that's what. For the upcoming Forza and Project Gotham Racing racing titles, the attention to detail going into these games includes getting the sound of the all-electric sports car – electric motor, tires, etc. – just right. To that end, audio engineers from Microsoft Game Studios spent some time with Tom Burt and his Roadster #203, recently, with mics sticking off the car at all angles. The engineers were excited because the all-electric drivetrain allowed them the opportunity to record tire skids and squeals without an ICE right there adding extra sounds. Burt had a good time:

The Roadster was a lot of fun to push hard and to deliberately get out of shape and recover. Handling was fun and predictable. As expected, given the stock suspension settings and tire sizes, the car moderately understeers or "pushes." I kept adjusting tire pressures, lowering the front pressures and letting the rears stay high as they heated, but could not eliminate the "push." So, I used the e-brake to initiate "oversteer"spins and give the team the more aggressive tire squeals they were looking for. Like most mid-weight cars, once you get the car to over-rotate, it spins quickly. What a ton of fun.

The car almost reached its limits, with the motor overheating twice. You can read more about it – and hear the audio – over at Tesla's blog. A Tesla Motors vehicle will also be available in Gran Turismo 5 and the Roadster's electric motor provided sound for the Batpod in The Dark Knight.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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