Five Axis Aerius Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you don't win the charity auction for the Aemulus-modified Prius but want something flashy for your 2010 Prius, take a look at the Aerius Prius that made its debut at SEMA this year (they're practically the same vehicle). The kit designed by Five Axis will, according to Gas 2.0, be available to purchase in the coming months.

Five Axis, known more for their Scion modding than hybrid help, used recycled polyester for the seats, resins made from post-industrial recycled wood in the interior and ultra-low rolling resistance tires in the kit. Blending a changed appearance and efficiency, the Aerius gets side skirts and see-through wheel covers. We like the way the 2010 Prius works the way Toyota designed it, but Five Axis made sure the kit version has a drag coefficient of 0.25. This could help if the Aerius goes up against the competition from Tommi Kaira.

[Source: Gas 2.0]

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