2010 VR Camaro – Click above for high-res gallery

The idea sure sounds horrible; a Camaro with styling cues from the Lamborghini Reventon; but seeing the VR Camaro tells a different story. Available only in two color schemes, a Bandit-pleasing black and gold, or Hurst-reminiscent white and gold, the VR looks badass, either way. Making it past the bombastic fascia, the rest of the body modifications are knife-edged but less over-the-top. The decklid gets a '70s-inspired ducktail spoiler, and while the styling tweaks are un-subtle, Denmark's Hermann and Brandt has used a balanced hand.

It's not all show and no go, either. The body mods have been rendered out of carbon fiber, and the big 22-inch wheels are actually lighter than original equipment. A new coil-over suspension replaces stock components, and upgraded brakes carry 12-piston (!) front calipers while rear brakes are forced to make do with eight pistons per caliper - enough for two complete braking systems in some lesser cars. The engine is also treated to a supercharger of Union Jack origins for an expected 600-plus horsepower.

Considering that GM is not exporting the Camaro to European markets that require a steering wheel on the right, the only way to get one is by importing a wrong-hand-drive (to them) version or waiting for this VR Camaro, which will be the first LHD conversion available, to arrive early next year.

[Source: CAR]

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