Jesse Field wants your input. The designer of the Xrayfrankenstein, a "revolutionary high-tech ultra-light 3-wheel EV" wrote in to say that the website for the snub-nosed trike is now up and running and ready for critics to take a look. Field wrote:
This vehicle was develop by (myself) a former big 3 automotive engineer, and is completely unique from anything else being proposed out there. The web site contains lots of product info because the vehicle is very unique -- including features such as a pressure absorbing impact body shell. [...] I am eagerly looking for feedback and insight as well as exposure--the website is brand new.
The basic idea for the Xrayfrankenstein is that the technology to make more efficient vehicles exists, but it really needs to be mashed together – like Frankenstein's monster – in the most efficient vehicle possible. Currently, the trike only exists in rough renderings on the site, but the concept is a superlight, four-person vehicle. The Xrayfrankenstein can handle a variety of powertrains but is designed to be all-electric. Aside from the mashed-up quality of the vehicle, Field says that this car is well-named because of its attitude:
No mechanismo is hidden, just as bolts sticking out of its neck, or stitches in flesh, motors and attachments become an integral part of its character. And yet it is a monster with a human side, as opposed to today's unholy steel exoskeleton insect-bodies. The Xray is an endoskeleton structure, with an impact absorbing shell, making it less susceptible to dings and scratches, and unsightly, undesired incidental damage.


[Source: X Ray Frankenstein]

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