India's Tata Nano has seemingly shown the world's remaining automakers that it's possible to build a small, inexpensive car for emerging markets that's still profitable. You can reportedly count Nissan among the companies paying close attention and the Japanese automaker reportedly has plans to launch a new small car platform in Thailand, India and China starting in March of 2010.

The new vehicle architecture is called V (as in Versatile), and it's been in development since 2005. According to, the car will sport 18-percent fewer parts than current Nissan compacts and as many components as possible will be sourced from local areas.

Crucial to the success of the program is a massive number of sales – a whopping one million vehicles per year by 2013, which would represent nearly a third of all Nissan's sold in the last three months. To make that goal a reality, sales in Europe and the United States are also planned, possibly as early as 2011.


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