Looks like Silicon Valley is home to yet another start-up electric car company, this one with an eye to bring a roadster to market with a low-$40's price tag. That's Chevy Volt and Coda EV country! SABA Motors is just a few short weeks from finishing its first prototype and plans to compete next year with many of the other electric car companies head-to-head for the Progressive X-Prize and possibly the TTXGP as well.. While its website claims the company is currently in stealth mode, the "Carbon Zero" recently made an appearance at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Global Climate Summit, where CEO Simon Saba got some face time with the Governator to discuss his vehicle.

While we don't have too many details about the car, we can tell you that one of the keys to its speed and range performance will be its light weight. The two-seater has an aluminum chassis with carbon-fiber body work. Currently powered by lithium batteries from ThunderSky, its range is said to be between 120 and 140 miles and there are also suggestions out there that it may be battery-swap capable. Simon Saba puts its 0 to 60 time "in the range of 5 seconds" though interestingly, our source article puts it below 4. Whatever the case, it should be interesting to see how things develop and we look forward to seeing video of it on the road. For now we can offer up a few minutes of footage with Mr. Saba's Hub Culture interview where he discusses his project after the jump.

[Source metroactive / SABA Motors via Tesla Motors Club]

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