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The Joetwint Porsche 996 is scary fast. Twint scored a world record top speed of 231.4 mph in the Texas Mile, and at a recent run the Evolution Motorsports-tuned 911 managed to hit 224.711 mph, but it also had a bit of a spill. Hit the jump to watch video of the massively-boosted 996 take off like a rocket and reach speeds of over 200 mph in a matter seconds. The video would be impressive enough even if it were simply a standard run, but this clip has a bit of a surprise ending.

About 54 seconds in, the incredibly high speeds achieved by the 996 prompted the sunroof to pop right off. That's bad when you're going 85, but when you're cruising at nearly one third the speed of sound, it can be catastrophic. A few seconds after the impromptu top-popping, the 996 gets sideways and ends up taking an unscheduled tiptoe through the weeds. The video is pretty entertaining, but it's also informative. If you're building a world-beating track star capable of speeds of over 200 mph, don't opt for the sunroof.

[Source: YouTube via 0-60 Mag]

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