Some loyalties run deep in Detroit, take Chevrolet's relationship with its advertising agency. Campbell-Ewald has been urging people to buy bowties since 1922, when a single magazine ad contained more words than a BMW press release. Chevrolet's account is huge, and the automaker is not looking to make a clean break from its long-time agency, the layer-cake of ongoing efforts is far too tall for that. What's most likely to happen is that Chevrolet will accept outside pitches from hungry, creative operations.

The acceptance of outside solicitation will help keep C-E on its toes, as well. Names of well known agencies have been tossed about as supplemental providers, but with so many other auto brands reviewing their contracts with their respective agencies, including Cadillac, some of the best companies might have a problem pitching yet another player at this point. Since these tertiary players aren't expected to take on full agency roles, it bodes well for small shops worldwide. Time to head to your basement and get storyboarding; it could be you doing the next viral campaign for the Malibu. Just don't create fake stalkers or anything.

[Source: Business Week]

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