Toyota FT-86 Concept gets shot in the studio

Toyota FT-86 Concept - Click above for image gallery

We're eagerly awaiting our first live encounter with the Toyota FT-86 Concept next week at the Tokyo Motor Show. But before we endure the long flight over the Pacific, the crew at the freshly hosted FT-86 Club has scrounged up a bevy of live shots of Toyota's new coupe in the studio.

The more we see, the more we like. And these detail images give us a clearer view of the subtle design elements that make the reborn Hachiroku so damn appealing. We're particularly partial to the straked vents aft of the front wheels that tie in with the rest of the coupe's triangular elements, and plenty of carbon fiber detailing on the door handles, side mirrors, wheels and rear diffuser doesn't hurt, either. The interior remains show-car wacky (the zippered slot for the DVD player is pure silliness, but we're digging it), but the overall aesthetic strikes us as eerily production ready -- save our favorite feature, the A-pillars bisected by a piece of glass to aid visibility while sliding sideways (similar to Volvo's 2001 SCC concept). Here's hoping the FT-86 makes it from the show stand to the sales floor unscathed and delivers the driving dynamics to finally bring Toyota back from the brink.

[Source: FT-86Club]

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