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Elektromotive has been given Green Fleet's 2009 "Outstanding Achievement" award for its development of recharghing facitilies for electric vehicles. Elektromotive was honored with "Industry Innovation Awards" in 2007 and 2008 for their Elektrobay charging station. These charging stations are also the first ones where PLCs are being tested that is trying to establish a smart grid that is able to communicate billing information, power requirements and other information. Approximately 100 of these stations have been already installed in London and 90 additional units can be found across Great Britain. Find the official press release after the jump.

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Elektromotive's Managing Director, Calvey Taylor-Haw, has been honoured with Green Fleet's 2009 'Outstanding Achievement Award' in recognition of his promotion of zero-emissions motoring in the UK and overseas. Mr. Taylor-Haw founded Brighton-based Elektromotive in 2003, and has helped build the company into the world's leading provider of recharging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs).

A familiar face at the Green Fleet Awards, Mr. Taylor-Haw has previously accepted 'Industry Innovation Awards' in 2007 and 2008 for the company's pioneering Elektrobay charging station. Elektrobays were first installed in Westminster, London in 2006, and there are now over 100 units servicing the capital's 2,000 privately-owned EVs. An additional 90 kerbside and car park Elektrobays are located across the country, and plans are well underway to significantly increase this number in the coming years.

Mr. Taylor-Haw has become a global ambassador for EV charging facilities, advising businesses and local and national governments in Europe and the Middle East on strategies for implementing their own nationwide charging infrastructures.

Commenting on his award win, Mr. Taylor-Haw said, "I'm very proud of what Elektromotive has achieved, and this award highlights the efforts that the entire business has made in promoting zero-emissions motoring infrastructures worldwide. In particular, the design and engineering expertise of our Technical Director, Greg Simmons and his team, have ensured that we have a robust and adaptable charging solution ideally suited to meet the needs of EV users worldwide.

"This company has a very exciting future, and we are at an advanced stage in the development of new EV charging technologies that we will roll out in the near future. It is essential we have the right charging facilities in place to encourage consumers and businesses to invest in the many advanced EVs that will enter mass production from next year."

The Elektrobay's advanced technology has set the standard for recharging facilities in the UK and abroad. Regional and national governments, organisations and consumers choose the unit for its simple-to-operate functionality, safety and stylish design.

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