It's no secret Jaguar is working on a small roadster dubbed the XE, and according to AutoCar, the design staff at Jaguar are struggling to finalize the look of the BMW Z4-sized drop-top.
Apparently, the original plan was to give the XE an oval shaped grille handed down from the old D- and E-types. Now they're leaning toward a shape more like the XF and new XJ. The roadster is planned to be a front engine, rear drive car possibly based on the aluminum chassis of the XK, but part of the problem with finalizing the XE is the future direction of the XK. Some at Jaguar favor growing the XK to compete with the likes of the Maserati Gran Turismo to make room for the XE.

However, if the XK stays the same size, it could be problematic to make room for the XE and make it different. We vote for keeping the XK the same size and creating a smaller XE roadster.

[Source: AutoCar]

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